Castle tour in Hungary

Discover Hungary on a private tour with our professional guide. Stay at the best castle hotels of Hungary and tour around the country.


round trip in hungary egerDAY 1. - Budapest, Gödöllő, Eger

Trip to Gödöllő Castle, which used to be the favourite palace of Empress and Queen Elisabeth (Sisi). Visiting Eger, home of the famous Hungarian dry red wine, called Bull's blood. Walking tour in the historical centre (Cathedral, Lyceum, Main Square, Castle, Turkish bath and minaret). Optional wine-tasting at the "Valley of Beautiful Women" known of its over 50 wine cellars. Driving through the picturesque Bükk Mountains and arriving to Lilafüred. Dinner and overnight at Hotel Palota in Lillafüred.


round trip in hungary tokaj wine regionDAY 2. - Vizsoly, Sárospatak, Tokaj, Tarcal

Driving to Vizsoly to see the first Bible translated into Hungarian language. Travelling to Sárospatak to visit the Rákoczi-Castle. Continuing to Tokaj to taste the world famous sweet Hungarian wine, the so called "Tokaji Aszu". Louis XV of France characterized the wine as "Vinum Regum, Rex Vinorum" (Wine of Kings, King of Wines). Dinner and overnight at Gróf Degenfeld Castle Hotel in Tarcal.


round trip in hungary kecskemetDAY 3. - Kecskemét, Simontornya

Travelling through the Hungarian Great Plain to Kecskemét, home of the Apricot and the apricot brandy, called "Barackpálinka". Walking tour in Kecskemét (Town Hall, Cifra Palace, Kodály Institute and the former Synagogue). Crossing the River Danube and reaching Simontornya. Dinner and overnight at Fried Castle Hotel in Simontornya.


round trip in hungary balatonDAY 4. - Tihany, Veszprém, Herend, Zalacsány

Trip to Tihany peninsula, visiting the Abbey. Short stop at Veszprém (walking around the Castle district). Driving to Herend and visiting the Porcelain Minimanufactory and Museum. (Herend porcelain became world famous when Queen Vitoria of England ordered a whole set in 1851). Dinner and overnight at Batthyány Castle Hotel in Zalacsány.


round trip in hungary sopronDAY 5. - Sümeg, Kőszeg, Sopron

Visiting the castle of Sümeg (built in the 13th century after the Mongol invasion) and continuing to Kőszeg (walking around Jurisics Square) and travelling to Sopron (walking tour in the historical center: Firewatch Tower, Goat Church, Old Synagogue, Storno-house). Dinner and overnight at Castle Hotel Szidónia in Röjtökmuzsaj.


round trip in hungary gyorDAY 6. - Győr, Pannonhalma, Budapest

Driving back to Budapest and optional visit of Győr (walking tour in the centre: Town Hall, Cathedral, Carmelite church) and Pannonhalma (visiting the Benedictine Archabbey, founded in 996).


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